10 Effective Steps to Control Anger

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If you can’t deal with anger, it can cause many problems such as disrupted social relations with friends, family members or colleagues, and can affect your health. Anger control is a mental illness that should not be ignored. If you’re starting to feel like you can’t control your anger, consider these tips.

Ways that can help control anger ?

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Express your anger after you calm down

Controlling your anger can be done by making sure you think clearly and carefully about the problem you are facing. Try to remain calm when you express your concerns and desires. It’s important not to hurt or control other people with your anger.

2. Think before you speak

It’s easy to say hurtful things that you’ll regret when you’re angry. Before speaking, take some time to think about whether what you are saying is acceptable or not. You can reflect on yourself if a similar situation has occurred that you used to express your anger.

3. Do physical activity

Exercise and physical activity can release stress effectively. You can exercise, walk or run as a way to control your anger. The more stressed you are, the easier it will be to get angry at other people. Try to make time for physical exercise every day.

4. Know the root cause of anger

Understanding why you are angry and under what circumstances can help you prevent anger. If you continue to feel angry for no apparent reason, you can consult a doctor.

5. Identify possible solutions

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Instead of regretting what happened, you can try to solve the problem. Remind yourself that anger will not solve the problem and will only make things worse.

6. Practice relaxation skills to control anger

Practice deep breathing or relaxation techniques by imagining a calming situation that can help control your anger. Some people try listening to music, reading books, journaling or practicing yoga, which can help with relaxation.

7. Don’t hold grudges

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Try not to let anger and negative feelings overwhelm positive feelings. You can remember that forgiveness is the key to releasing tension and don’t allow yourself to sink into hurt or feelings of injustice.

8. Use humor as a measure to control anger

Humor can help you deal with the things that make you angry. Remember that any tension can be reduced by a smile or a positive view of the situation.

9. Respect others

Avoid criticizing or blaming others, which can increase tension and show you don’t respect other people. Try to understand your own problems before judging others. Even if you’re angry, you can show your courtesy and respect so you don’t damage your social relationships with other people.

10. Know when to seek help

Learning to control anger is a challenge for everyone. Consider seeking help with your anger problem if your anger gets out of control, makes you do things you feel sorry for or hurts those around you.

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