11 Ways To Get Rid Of Odors That Are Often Present In The House

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Starting from removing the musty smell of the carpet, the pungent smell in the sink, the damp smell of the bathroom, see how here.

Knowing how to get rid of odors at home can be a very useful weapon, you know, making us feel at home. Some areas of the house that often make bad smells are the kitchen and bathroom. The family room can also, but generally because there is a damp carpet. After doing some searching, I finally found an effective way to get rid of the odors that we often find in the house and make the house smell good and make the family feel at home. We can start with:

Eliminate odors at home from the Sink

Have you ever smelled a foul smell emanating from the kitchen? If so, check the sink in your kitchen. “To get rid of odors in landfills, spray a small amount of lemon-scented dish soap into the landfill, run water and clean it,” explains Keita Turner, an interior designer. If the stench persists, pour cup of baking soda into the trash while flushing it with warm water.

Eliminate odors at home from musty carpets and mattresses

Unlike tile floors and hard wood floors, carpets will absorb and retain odors, especially after repeated exposure to gravy spills or when your beloved pet decides that the carpet that lays beautifully on the living room floor is suitable for them to use as a toilet. Treat it this way Mommies: sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet (not just the areas that smell bad), let it sit for a few hours, then clean it with a vacuum cleaner. You can apply the same method to deal with unpleasant odors in pet beds and mattresses.

Remove odors in the house from the trash

It’s no surprise that the combination of the smell of leftover food and other organic waste will create an unpleasant odor. If the sink has been cleaned but the stench still smells, take a look at your trash can. We may have replaced the plastic waste with a new one, but what about the condition of your kitchen waste container? The rest of the food and drink that sticks there over time will rot. Sprinkle baking soda in the trash. Let stand for 1 hour then clean with disinfectant water. Do it once a week.

Decoction of herbs and fruit for a fragrant aroma at home

“I learned this trick from my mother who is very obsessed with cleanliness,” says Rhobin DelaCruz, an interior designer. “The trick is to boil water in a small saucepan, then add the orange slices and herbs such as lavender or mint.” The hot steam from the stew will radiate throughout the house. For herbal plant ingredients can be adjusted to taste.

Spread the candles all over the house

Scented candles are a great option for getting rid of bad odors. “Choose a scent you like and place it in strategic places i.e. in places you never imagined (but don’t light the candles). Place the scented candles in the cupboard where you keep your sheets, clothes, and fabrics. Fabric fibers absorb odors and keep them for a long time,” says Dee Murphy, an interior designer. While the sheets that you then use will spread the fragrance throughout the room. Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you entered your house you were greeted with the scent of flowers?

Take advantage of your ornamental plants

“Plants in the room in addition to beautifying the house can also spread a fragrant aroma instantly,” said Turner. Many plants including jasmine, eucalyptus, gardenia and pandanus offer a calming fragrance. But make sure you take good care of them.

Pay attention to air ventilation

“Stick, hang, or just place the air freshener in the window ventilation area. As the air blows, the smell will spread throughout your home with a uniform scent in one fell swoop,” advises DelaCruz.

Fragrant with modern fabric softener/dryer (dryer sheets)

Place a few sheets of fabric conditioner and laundry deodorizer in your wardrobe, dresser, or other small room in the house. The scent can last for months.

Get rid of musty odors with an odor absorber

The musty smell when the weather is humid, especially in the rainy season will last quite a long time. Find the source first then do the cleaning. After that, use odor-absorbing ingredients such as vinegar, citrus, baking soda, coffee grounds or charcoal.

Essential oil diffuser

Very easy to use. You just fill it with water, pour a few drops of essential oil and turn it on! The diffuser creates a fine mist that carries the aroma of essential oils throughout your home.

Fabric freshener

If you don’t have a diffuser, that’s fine. You can get around this quick and easy way: fill a small spray bottle with water, add some baking soda and your favorite essential oil. Shake until well mixed and use as a fabric fragrance spray. Here are some of our recommended scents: lavender, citrus oils like lemon, tangerine, sweet orange, and grapefruit.

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