12 Tips for Musty Odor-Free Laundry and DryIng Quickly in the Rainy Season

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The rainy season has come and sometimes can make clothesline damp and difficult to dry. In order for laundry to be odor-free, mom can follow these 12 tips.

The rainy season presents its own challenges for us. Must rotate the brain how to make the laundry free from musty odor. Because, the rainy season makes the weather humid and clothes are not perfectly dry.

Even so, on the other hand, we should also be grateful because the rainy season also brings many benefits. For example, for farmers, the intake of nutrients is fulfilled, because of the condition of the damp soil. And other wider communities can still feel the abundant water supply from groundwater.

Therefore, instead of swearing rain because it makes our laundry difficult to dry, it is better to find a solution. you can do the things below so that the laundry doesn’t smell musty.

12 tips for smell-free laundry and quick drying

1. Give distance when drying

Although sunlight in the rainy season is not as much as in the summer, but the breeze will help the drying process of clothes. Well, for that it takes a fairly high level of discipline. Do not wash during injury time,get used to a maximum of three days. That way, the laundry does not accumulate and the clothes that are dried are not too much. Clothes on the clothesline also have an ideal distance so that it allows the breeze to dry it.

2. Sunbathe with hanger

Sunbathing with a hanger will make the clothes depend on the perfect shape. They will also get an even air circulation on each side. If mommies dry clothes on a piece of rope or other types of clotheslines, the side facing the other clothes will be difficult to dry if the sun is not too hot.

black and blue clothes hanger

3. Use anti-musty clothing

Just choose a brand that provides softeners with anti-musty technology. Although still half dry, clothes will not cause a bad smell.

4. Make sure the clothes and other washed fabrics are not stubborn stains

If you find there is a stubborn stain, you should rub it first separately. If there is no pungent aroma, just combine it into the washing machine. This is done to avoid clothing or other materials contaminated with the unpleasant odor of the stain.

5. Try to sunbathe outdoors

you can do it on the terrace or attic, as long as the place still has air circulation. If the Mom terrace is still exposed to splashes of rainwater, complete with bamboo crepes. This method is powerful enough to protect laundry from rainwater.

6. Make sure the clothes are rinsed until clean

For Mommies who use powdered detergent, the rest is often left in the fiber of clothing. It can become sticky particles and eventually cause an unpleasant odor. So, make sure the clothes are rinsed cleanly yes, Mommies!

7. Using a dry towel

Especially the materials of thick clothes and pants, after drying in the washing machine, try  squeeze by first coated in dry towels. This trick will absorb the rest of the water that each nests in the fabric fibers.

8. Sunbathe near outdoor air conditioner

This can be done if the position allows, yes. Usually when clothes need to dry in a short time. Mom can hang the shirt in front of the outdoor air conditioner,the wind makes the shirt dry quickly. Just a suggestion, not too long, later the clothes will be stiff.

9. Use an iron or hair dryer

It’s been a long time sunbathing outside, but it’s still not perfectly dry yet? It’s time to rely on the iron and hair dryer. Usually, some parts are still a little musty, for example around the collar and pants pocket. you can iron or apply hair dryer to these points.

10. Do not pile up clothes after drying

After dry clothes should immediately fold. And if there is excess energy, continue by ironing it. This prevents clothing from following the temperature of the room that has the potential to make it moist.

11. Detergent with lemon extract

If mommies happen to like the smell of lemon, you can try this trick. Lemon is said to make clothes more fragrant and clean. The aroma of lemon will last longer than the detergent aroma of flowers and such.

12. Using a laundry dryer

Using a laundry dryer consumes very high wattage (minimum 1,000-2,000). However, it has the function to dry up to 75%-90%. It can be said that this laundry dryer accelerates the drying of clothes.

Which mom have often practiced and proven to be effective?

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