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These are all kinds of hobbies that can make you enjoy life more. In fact, it can help make money to eliminate stress!

Finding a job that you enjoy with the right salary is not easy. Most of us work because we are ‘forced,’ perhaps to cover our daily expenses or still be confused with the future. No wonder so many people are stressed because of work.

To avoid that, one of the things you can do is have a hobby. There are various hobbies that you can try such as photography, fitness, baking,sewing, and drawing.

Or maybe you want to relieve the stress of the mind? Try activities such as playing puzzles,writing, meditation to fishing to overcome mumet due to daily work.

Well, there are many more hobbies that you can pursue. In fact, some of them can help increase your income, you know. Check out the following interesting hobbies!

Hobbies that make money

1. Photography

Picture: Pixabay

For  who like to take pictures, you can work as a freelance photographer or even professional Photographers see the world in a different way than ordinary people.

From this activity, you can see the beauty of the world in everyday life and turn boring things into something interesting.

2. Fitness

person holding black exercise rope

Exercise is famous as a release of endorphins, hormones in the body that are useful for reducing stress. For those of you who like sports, whether yoga, muay thai,or aerobic exercise, can be a fitness instructor or personal trainer.

In addition to helping others achieve their health targets, you can also work in a field that offers salary and health.

3. Shopping Is a Hobby?

For those of you who like to shop, both men and women, why not use your hobby to make money. You can try buying items that you think are good and resell them on online sites.

Don’t just spend money! With today’s technology, you can easily earn money with your shopping hobby.

4. Baking

person holding rolling pin

The hobby of making cakes can be used as an activity that makes extra money. Toppers can provide services such as wedding cakes, birthday cakes, or unique homemade snacks.

You can also start your own business such as cooking or baking classes. The working hours are also more flexible, you know!

5. Play Video Games

Professional gamers are very famous in this day and age and their money income is not inferior to other professional jobs.

Many play games to relax or relieve daily stress. If you are good at it, why not just try to become a professional gamer?


person holding black ipad near macbook pro

Call for creatives to use their hobbies as a money-making platform. If you like to make funny characters, make graffiti or design something unique, this hobby can be used for jobs ranging from freelance to graphic design.

7. Eat

person eating food

Surely Toppers are no strangers to food bloggers? This is a job where someone gives a review of food and drink on their blog.

You can be invited to a newly opened restaurant for a free meal or even get paid toreview their products!

8. Sewing

Picture: unsplash

Do you have a talent for sewing? You can create your own business such as providing various sewing services or selling your stitching creations in home décor, fashion,and accessories.

Do not underestimate your hobby this one because many need your services, especially during the wedding season.

9. Travel

Traveling is a fairly common hobby. However, the constraints of the money earned and the costs needed for sightseeing often stop us from this hobby.

Many popular travel bloggers start their hobby from writing their activities on weekends or giving reviews about local attractions. In addition, there are many travel promos for hotels and transportation that Toppers can look for to save on road costs.

You can start this hobby from small things. From here, you can potentially earn money while walking around if your name is popular

Hobbies that Relieve Stress

10. Play Puzzle

Picture: Pixabay

There are some studies that say that puzzles or other activities that drain the brain can relieve the stress of the mind you know! Simply put,our brain produces dopamine, which affects your daily memory, concentration and motivation.

In addition to coping with stress by improving mood, an active brain is also beneficial for skills in solving problems and delaying dementia or Alzheimer’sdisease.

11. Coloring with Picture Books

Don’t get me wrong, the hobby of coloring is not only for young children but also for adults to cope with daily stress. Coloring is also one of the effective therapies for relaxation and eliminating negative thoughts.

Other positive things can also be obtained such as expanding creativity and imagination, improving organizational skills and helping your confidence.

12. Taking care of animals

Animals have been shown to be very powerful in improving mood and stabilizing one’s blood pressure. Animals such as dogs and cats are often used as emotional support because for people with depression problems.

Easy activities that you can do ranging from short daily walks to dressing pets can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and take the mind off everyday problems.

Animals can also give you a warm hug and accompany you in your own moments.

13. Writing.

Writing has long been used to cope with stress and maintain healthy thoughts. Perhaps Toppers often watch movies where the character vents emotions into a journal.

Or often, psychiatrists recommend their patients write their thoughts every day. There’s a reason you know! This hobby can help control stress and regulate thoughts filled with anxiety.

Some ideas for those of you who want to try this activity:

  • Write about what you do every day.
  • What makes you nervous or stressed
  • Targets or Dreams to be achieved

14. Meditation

Meditation is an effective way to relieve stress that people have been using for thousands of years. When you meditate, your body will enter into a state of deep relaxation and a calm mind.

Meditation in the right way has been shown to help mental and physical health. There are many types of meditation. Some that you may have heard of are yoga, tai chi, and mantra meditation.

This activity can start from 5-10 minutes a day to more than one hour per day. This hobby is a must try for those of you who are easily stressed!

Avoiding stress is an important factor for your health, but that doesn’t mean toppers should stop working to make money. There are many interesting hobbies that can be done everyday to earn extra money.

Or maybe you want to try a new hobby on the weekends to calm the stress of the mind on weekdays. What are you waiting for? Think about your hobbies and change your life now!

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