4 things to watch out for when school children meet face to face

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Worried about face-to-face school children during a pandemic? Explain these 4 things to your child before going to school,

Some schools have started to implement Face-to-face Learning (PTM) on a limited scale, which is certainly different from the way schools and learning were conducted before the pandemic. With this implementation, parents are required to educate and prepare children in advance so that they can help smooth teaching and learning activities in schools and prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus in schools.

In addition, it is important for parents to check their child’s health regularly, for example checking the child’s body temperature every day before leaving and after school. Teach and instill in children what health practices and protocols must be done while he is at school. After that, then remind the child that there are other things that need and must be avoided and not done at school. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Don’t line up to the toilet in a crowd

One of the important aspects besides the safe teaching and learning process in schools during the current pandemic is not lining up to go to the toilet in groups. In response to the possibility of transmission of the Covid-19 virus through school toilets, Pediatrician, dr. Ariani Dewi Wibowo, Sp.A (K) emphasized that students should not take off their masks when they are in the school toilet.

dr. Arinai also advised the school to determine the regulations for the queues of students who would go to the toilet. This rule can be assisted by each teacher or homeroom teacher so that they can take turns giving students time to go to the toilet. Then, parents also need to remind children to always wash their hands using soap or hand sanitizer after every activity from the toilet.

Avoid eating together

A number of schools may not have implemented rules for eating or bringing lunch to school due to the short face-to-face learning time so that children can go home faster and continue learning at home.

Some other schools may have allowed children to eat at school by providing safe and spaced eating places. If the school has implemented this implementation, it is better if the teacher or homeroom teacher continues to monitor together in the room so that children do not gather together or eat together at a close distance.

Parents can also help provide information to children at home that during the current pandemic it is not yet possible to eat together with friends. Then give understanding to children so that children can understand that this is important to do to prevent and maintain the health and safety of each other from the possibility of being exposed to the Covid-19 virus when eating together.

Avoid going home from school at the same time

Schools should apply the rules of going out of class or coming home from school alternately, so that there is no accumulation of crowds of students while waiting for parents to pick them up in the school environment. Give understanding to children that this is also important so that face-to-face learning can take place in an orderly and safe manner, and to avoid the occurrence of Covid-19 virus clusters in schools.

Don’t talk too closely with friends

Not talking to friends is one of the hardest things for children, especially since it’s been more than a year and a half since the first Covid-19 case appeared in Indonesia. Explain to the child at home that it is okay to talk and communicate with friends at school, but still have to keep a distance and use a mask, so that there is no physical contact or physical distancing.

Also give understanding to children that physical distancing is different from social distancing, so that children can still socialize and communicate well with classmates and teachers, but while maintaining the applicable regulations for the health and safety of all school residents.

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