5 Animals That Are Safe for Toddlers to Keep

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Human and animal relationships can be very close like friends, such as some animals that are safely maintained by toddlers.

Raising animals or adopting them can bring good benefits to the Little One, including teaching children about responsibility and for them to learn to empathize. For Mommies who plan to choose a pet for their beloved baby, here are some safe options.

  1. Cat

Not all cats are suitable to be the best friend of the Little One. This is because there are several types of cats that do not hesitate to claw or bite the hand that wants to touch it. On a site that discusses A-Z about cats, there are 10 types that allow your child to keep. Some of its types are not available in Indonesia, but five of them are available in Indonesia and are notoriously docile and not afraid of the new people they meet. Mommies or Little Ones can choose cats of the type: persian, maine coon, siamese, ragdoll, and exotic.

  1. Fish

toddler girl touching glass tank

As children, some children usually choose fish as pets. Aquarium shaped round jars can not be separated to be placed in the room, complete with filters to ensure the circulation of water is always in a clean state. However, once a week the aquarium must still be cleaned, so that the fish are maintained health. Of course, this activity can be helped by the husband so that it can be a bonding activity also with the Little One.

  1. Rabbit

girl in pink shirt sitting on brown log with birds on her lap

Animals with smooth fur and stocky bodies are indeed very adorable to be the choice of animals that are safe to keep toddlers at home. Avoid keeping rabbits that are 2 months old, because their health is still very vulnerable.

Therefore, you should choose a rabbit that is at least 3 months old. The best rabbit feed is grass and carrots. However, Mommies can still give kale and cabbage as long as it is not excessive because both types of vegetables contain a high enough gas and cause rabbit urine to smell stinging.

  1. Bird

The Little One can also choose a bird to be used as a pet, in addition to his chirping that can give a different atmosphere to the house, the colorfulness of the feathers can also be a reference for the Little One to learn to know various colors.

Preferably, choose a cage that is rather large so that pet birds can more freely flap their wings. Invite your little one to clean the cage regularly so that he understands that the consequences of keeping animals mean also having to take care of the cleanliness of the cage.

  1. Dog

If you want to adopt a dog, choose a dog that is tailored to the conditions and size of the house. Because large breed dogs (golden, herder, pitbull, rotwailer, dalmation, etc.) certainly need a larger and wider space, especially parts of the yard to overflow the energy and motor “lust” of dogs. In addition, pay close attention to the hygiene factors of dogs, environment and cages, routinely check with the veterinarian for vaccines and check the health of teeth, mouth, ears and nails.

Make sure your dog doesn’t eat the same food as us. If the Little One chooses a large breed dog, make sure he is always under supervision when playing with his beloved pet. Because sometimes dogs can’t control their overflow of happy emotions.

Whatever type of pet you want to adopt, make sure Mommies and Your Little One have a great commitment to take care of them with all affection. Because they are also living beings, who deserve to live properly 🙂


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