5 Parents’ Hopes for Special Needs Children’s Schools

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Because parents can not always accompany children, here are 5 expectations for the school of children with special needs. Number 5 is the most important.
One of the big homework for parents of children with special needs is to find a school. Unlike other parents, finding a school for children with special needs is quite tricky. Many things must be considered, in addition to the school must be ready with a curriculum that can also provide optimal education. As a parent with ABK, the following are my hopes, which may also represent other ABK parents.

Schools are ready with special curriculum and programs

The school of children with special needs is certainly different from ordinary schools in terms of serving abk. The educational challenges are also different. Programs and curricula should be designed, managed, and hopefully, anyway, schools have the resources to provide the right support for children with these unique needs.
However, of course, all abk parents hope, schools both special schools, and ordinary schools but accept children abk, both have 1 goal. That is optimizing cognitive, verbal, motor, to emotional abilities, so that later they can coexist with other communities.
Of course, I hope that my students in school can enjoy learning. That’s why parents like us need a good, fun, and enjoyableprogram, to support the learning process.
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HR is ready to patiently communicate with ABK

It’s like between schools and parents to have good communication, yes. There are times when ABK may be in a phase that ‘challenges’ everyone, so it makes the person facing him tired instead of stubborn. Those of us whose parents are often dizzy to deal with it, what about others? Hopefully, the human resources that the school has, have a long patience.

School teachers are ready to work with abk parents

There will be a lot of homework to be done to help children with special needs learn optimally. We need cooperation between teachers and parents. If there is indeed a block, programs that must be followed by ABK, or even the replacement of programs and schedules, it would be nice to have openness. If indeed from the school feels there should be additional sessions with psychologists, or abk must take certain tests, it should be communicated with parents immediately. No need to wait for the receipt of the report card.
For me, open communication between me and the teacher is very important in helping me support ABK effectively. During school, right, parents can not always get a complete picture, what, anyway, happens in the classroom. For parents like me, it needs open communication from teachers or staff to understand what the conditions in school are like. If there is a problem, parents will want to be informed immediately and included in discussions that optimize the ability of ABK.

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All school residents are ready to receive ABK

Abk’s curriculum and friendly teaching programs are absolute. Which is also no less important is when the school is ordinary, but claims to receive and have a special program abk, must prepare the school residents to accept and get along with children with special needs. The school’s residents here include teachers, students, and of course employees. It is still clear in my memory that a father who was forced to move his kindergarten from a prestigious school in South Jakarta. The case, although the school stated ready with the curriculum and teaching program, but then forgot to direct the children of non-inclusive students. So when then socializing, they look strangely at the ABK. As a result, his son who has a developmental disorder isbullied every day until the school strike. So sad.

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