5 Tips for Shy Kids More Smoothly School than Home

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Since school is closed and lived from home, many children who until now still sound softly when asked by teachers at zoom meetings every day. What should it be?

For shy children, online schooling is a different challenge. In a regular school, if you answer in a soft voice, the teacher may still be able to hear. But sounding slowly long distances is certainly difficult. In fact, often the child has tried to answer (albeit in a soft voice), then not responded because the teacher did not hear, and finally no longer want to answer the question.

Naturally, having to turn on the video is a big thing. A lot of kids who are photographed don’t like it, right? It again had to see his own face on the screen all day. For older children, there may be concerns over their friend’s views, and many other reasons that make the child shy.

It is difficult yes moms, these are some things that can be done so that the shy child can be more smoothly school from home.

Qualified gadgets and a comfortable learning atmosphere

Wearing a headset with a sensitive microphone can help because if the child’s voice is very slow, the laptop or tablet is more difficult to “pick up” the child’s voice. Make sure to use a headset with a child’s size and comfortable to use for school all day.

The learning atmosphere also affects. Because I don’t know when the child will learn at home, you should already have their own learning corner. A quiet place so that the child’s voice does not sink and there are no passers that disturb concentration.

Talk to the teacher.

Discuss the child’s condition with the teacher. This helps teachers to better understand that our child is not unwilling but may take longer to answer.

Talk and validate your emotions.

Ask him why he always stays in class. Is it because of shame, fear, or there are other worries. Make sure he knows that we as his parents are ready to help whatever the problem is.

Sounding is necessary and done many times. That maybe you are afraid or embarrassed to be heard by classmates. But it’s okay, try talking first. Don’t forget to praise him when he’s been trying to talk in class.

Speech exercises

Online talk needs practice! Create a Zoom meeting with grandparents or cousins to get used to talking online. Tell him that the school is the same as this so next time you can try to speak louder or answer the teacher’s question.

Consultation with a psychologist

If it is very difficult and feels like giving up, consult a child psychologist yes moms! Who knows if there is enlightenment or there are other problems that we do not know.

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