6 Benefits of Knitting Activities for Children

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There are many benefits of knitting for children and this activity is not only for girls, but also for boys

There are lots of activities that can be done to fill your spare time. Knitting is one of them. Knitting activities rely a lot on hand skills and can produce works in the form of scarves, bags, tablecloths, clothes, and evenmask connectors.

Knitting is synonymous with the activities of girls and parents. But who would have thought that knitting activities to fill spare time and as a hobby can also be done by boys.Child and adolescent psychologist, Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojdo, S.Psi. said, “Knitting like cooking, sewing, designing clothes, hairstyling, is not a women’s monopoly. Knitting is an activity that is meditative or mindful in nature so it has a calming effect so it is very good for emotional regulation and stress-release.”

Here are the benefits of knitting activities for children:

Can relieve stress and anxiety

Quoted from SAGE Journals, an online survey wasconducted to identify the benefits of knitting. The results found that knitting is beneficial for relaxation, relieving stress, and increasing creativity. This is because when doing knitting activities, the shape and results of knitting will slowly be formed so that it will bring up positive energy and a sense of satisfaction that can make children forget the stress and anxiety they felt before.

Can practice patience and calm

The results also showed a significant relationship between knitting and feelings of calm and happiness. When knitting, children will be trained to be patient and calm until they finally get the desired shape.

Can train concentration and accuracy

Can train self-confidence

Not many children do knitting. So knitting can be one way to increase confidence and pride in children through the work they produce

It has the same benefits as meditation.

Knitting can be a fun activity for children because it can practice new skills that are different from what children have done before. In knitting, the process of repeating patterns that are done repeatedly becomes a relaxation activity that has the same benefits as when doing meditation.

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