6 Most Oxygen Producing Plants, Make The House Cooler!

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Looking for houseplants? You should choose the most oxygen-producing plants to improve air quality in the house. Here are some of them.

Besides being beautiful to be used as a room decoration, ornamental plants also have many benefits. The main thing is to be able to improve the air quality in the house. This is so important, Mommies. Moreover, air pollution is getting worse.

There are many types of plants to choose from. However, to make the air in the house feel cooler, Mommies should choose plants that are broad leafy. Because of its wide leaves, the plant is able to absorb carbon dioxide and process it into oxygen. That factor is what makes the surrounding environment becomes fresher and cooler.

By placing the plant on a terrace or certain space in the house, the risk of health problems that arise due to air pollution can be minimized.

Here are the 6 most oxygen-producing plants that can be treated at home:

1. Golden pothos

Golden pothos or Epipremnum aureum is known for its heart-shaped leaves. These vines and hangings can provide ideal air humidity. It is also known to remove indoor pollutants, such as benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

Mommies also do not need to bother and worry because golden pothos are very easy to care for. Although rarely watered, this plant can survive very well.

2. Tongue-in-law

Mommies are no strangers to this plant. Tongue-in-law is one of the favorite ornamental plants that are the choice of many people. The plant, also known as snake plant, has a wide and long leaf shape like a sword. Thanks to this, cool air quality can be obtained when planting tongue-in-law plants.

In addition, this ornamental plant also releases oxygen at night – suitable to be placed in the bedroom because it can clean the air.

3. Ficus

Lush leaves become one of the attractions owned by this ornamental plant. Ficus is also known to be effective for maintaining air humidity in the room. However, there is something to note when you want to keep this plant. Ficus requires regular sun exposure and watering.

4. Spider plant

Spider plant or spider ornamental plant becomes one type of ornamental plant that is very easy to care for and easy to multiply you know, Mother.

Not only that, spider plants are also very good for cooling the air in space because they are able to absorb formaldehyde and xylen toxins.

5. Peace lily

Peace lily ornamental plants can be one type of ornamental plants that are suitable for mothers who just want to start maintaining ornamental plants. This plant has a flower shape that blooms and resembles a daffodil. Not only that, this ornamental plant is also able to cool the air and absorb toxins.

6. Zz Plant

ZZ plant or also known as emerald palm tree, has strong branches with thick and twisted leaves.

This ornamental plant can hold a lot of water and is resistant to drought. And more specifically, ornamental plants zz plant has a small stoma that is known to be able to absorb carbon dioxide release oxygen.

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