7 Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health: Can Relieve Stress

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In addition to fun and can increase creativity, journalingis also good for maintaining mental health. Here are 7 benefits of journaling.

Event journalingor writing journals are currently being favored. Not only for young people, there are also many mommies who have started writing journals,you know. Besides being fun, journaling has various benefits for mental health.

is the act of keeping records containing thoughts, feelings, personal insights, and more. Journal writing can be written and drawn on paper, it can also be typed on a computer or written on a tablet.

For some people, starting a journal can be difficult for a number of reasons, such as being confused about where to start, not feeling creative, and wanting to write every day which is hard to do. However, if you have started it will definitely feel positive changes and is good for mental health.Some of the benefits of journaling can also be felt by our bodies psychologically, here are some of them.

1. Reduces anxiety

Journalingis the activity of writing down everything that is being felt, including feelings associated with decreasing mental stress. In one study, researchers found thatpeople with various medical conditions and anxiety who wrote online over a period of 3 times a week for 12 weeks experienced increased feelings of happiness and fewer symptoms of depression. . The writer’s mental health will also improve gradually over the 12 weeks ofjournaling.


2. Get away from

Overthinkingis the behavior of someone who thinks too much about everything. If you’re one of those people whooverthink and unknowingly continue to ignore them, over time these feelings can make it difficult to focus and cause stress. Start writing about your emotional feelings to help yourself get rid of obsessive thoughts and think about things without stopping.

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3. Help understand the problem

Byjournaling, one can express disturbing feelings in the mind and can help understand them better. The activity of putting thoughts into words and structures allows us to form new perceptions of an event experienced in life.

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