8 Tips for Caring for Ornamental Plants in the Rainy Season

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The rainy season presents its own challenges in caring for ornamental plants. This is what can be done so that the plants at home grow well.

With low temperatures and the appearance of humidity, making the rainy season the best time for plants to grow. Plants can absorb the humidity of air and sunlight obtained before well.

Even so, in the rainy season, Mommies should also pay extra attention to ornamental plants. Starting from watering to fertilizing. This is because the rainy season also has the risk of making rotten plants. What to do to avoid it?

Here are tips on caring for ornamental plants in the rainy season:

1. Don’t overusing

We know that overdoing things is not good. Well,this also applies to houseplants. Over-watering can affect soil fertility and may make the plant not last long. Giving too much water, especially in the rainy season, makes the roots of the plant decay quickly and eventually lead to death.

Therefore, you should limit watering in the rainy season. Give water to the plant only when the top of the soil starts to dry or there are withered leaves.


2. Move pots so that plants are not exposed to rainwater

In addition to reducing watering, the thing you need to do is move the pot so as not to be constantly exposed to rainwater. Exposure to rainwater—especially if it’s very heavy—can damage crops.

3. Make sure the pot has good drainage

If you see water inundated in a pot, check the drainage system again. If the bottom of the pot is not equipped with holes, then mommies should check and dispose of water regularly. Because, the water that pooled in the pot can increase the risk of developing mosquitoes that cause dengue fever.

4. Pay attention to worms in plants

The rainy season invites insects and worms to approach the plant. Therefore, Mommies must be diligent in paying attention to it. However, if you see earthworms, you should leave them alone because they help the process of aeration and soil nitration.

5. Fertilize the plant

As a result of rain, plants may lose their nutrients. It is a good idea to use organic fertilizers during these times to keep plants healthy.

6. Use a buffer if necessary

Due to strong winds, some plants may need additional buffers such as tree branches or ice cream sticks. It is used to hold plants from breaking easily.


7. Check regularly

The appearance of patches on the leaves caused by fungi indicates that the plant is already infected. Before it gets too severe, check the plants periodically. If there are already signs of decay—although still a little—a solution must be sought immediately so that the plant does not wither completely.

8. Adequate ventilation

Proper ventilation allows moist and hot air to be replaced with cooler dry air. This helps maintain an ideal humidity level.

That’s 8 ways that can be done to care for ornamental plants in the rainy season. I hope it helps

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