Answering the Child’s Question “Why did Mommy and Daddy Divorce?”

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Parental divorce often raises many questions from children. How to answer the child’s questions so that it is easy for the little one to understand?

From the experience of many people who become single parents due to divorce, one thing that often causes ‘hot and cold’ is if there are questions from children that are enough to rack their brains to answer them.

*Name withheld according to request from MD Community


Mama, why did Papa choose alcohol over us?

Papa is in a condition called dependence on consuming something beyond the normal limits. This is not your fault, nor is it because Papa doesn’t love you. Papa loves you very much.

Mama, why does Papa already have a girlfriend and will soon remarry?

Mama can’t tell you about the feelings Papa is feeling. Papa may feel alone because there is no Mama and you beside him every day, but Papa is your Papa forever, no matter what happens, he will always love you.

Other possible answers are:

Son, Papa and Mama are not currently married. Now we are best friends and friends. Each of them may have close friends or girlfriends as you know today. Everyone needs a partner, like there is a man and a woman, there is black and white, there is a left and a right, there is a husband and a wife, there is a father and a mother. What you need to realize is, Papa and Mama are still your parents forever. We always love you forever .


mother and child

Mama, I’m afraid that one day I will be like Papa, because in my blood flows Papa’s blood. Will I be like Papa?

Of course you WILL NOT be like Papa, because everyone is responsible for what he does. I’m sure you will understand, what Papa did was not good for our family, so you will not repeat the same mistakes as Papa did. And, you have a Mama, who will always be there for you, guide you and love you under any circumstances.

Other possible answers are:

Son, everyone has to be himself. Even though you have Papa’s blood flowing within you, you are a different person from Papa and Mama. Mama is sure that you will be a responsible child, a happy child, a healthy child and smarter than your parents. If your parents made a mistake, then you should not make the same mistake because it will hurt other people. Remember, dear, do good with your neighbor, son.

MIRA (mother of 8 year old boy)

Mommy why do you have to divorce? Why can’t Mommy stay at home?

Mommy and Daddy love each other but now we would be happier if we didn’t live together.

Other possible answers:

Even though we’re not together anymore, Mommy and Daddy will still be your parents, honey. Now and until when we always love you

Mommy and Daddy fighting, right?

Mommy and Daddy do n’t fight.

Another alternative answer:

Honey, sometimes there are things adults do that you don’t understand. What you need to know, Mommy and Daddy will always be your parents. I’m sorry Mommy and Daddy made you uncomfortable, but it wasn’t all your fault.


Is it true that Mommy chose Daddy wrong?

Not one dong , right from the wedding that you were born.

Another alternative answer:

What happened, Mommy never regrets. Daddy is a good person and Mommy loves Daddy, as Mommy loves you. Because we love each other, a handsome boy like you was born.

MAYA (mother of 7 year old boy)

Mother, why do people get married?

Because they love each other, they want to live together.

Alternative answers:

Because they love and care for each other, they also need a partner to live together and have children.

Why did Papa marry another woman instead of Mother? Is it true that Mom and Dad don’t love each other anymore?

Mother and Papa love each other, the proof is that you have your child.

Another alternative answer:

Unfortunately, at this time Papa and Mother are not bound by marriage. We have separated and can no longer live in the same house. We love each other as friends. So if Papa remarries to another woman, that’s okay.

If you love each other, why not get married?

Because for a long time Mother and Papa like to fight, rather than fighting continues to be an enemy, Mother and Papa separated.

Alternative answers:

People who love each other sometimes don’t have to be together, for example in marriage. Sometimes it’s enough to just be friends or be brothers, Papa and Mother can still love each other.

So now you don’t love anymore?

Still, but his love has changed to love, like a brother, like you and your brothers.

On the last page, what if the little one protested that his mother and father were no longer living at home?

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