Feeling of déjà vu – Possible causes

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You’ve probably had the feeling of having lived something before, even though you knew it never happened. Find out the possible causes of déjà vu sensation.This expression in French means “already seen”. So déjà vu is a weird feeling you feel when you think you’ve lived an experience before.

It’s like you’re having a memory that you’ve been to that place or you’ve lived that situation in your life. Incidentally, if you walk badly from memory, be sure to check out how to improve.

A good example of déjà vu is when you’re walking for the first time on a trail, but you get the feeling that you’ve walked that path before – even though this is your first visit to the site. Strange, isn’t it?

But don’t be scared. Estimates indicate that something between 60 and 80% of the population has already had the sensation of déjà vu and that it is nothing serious.

Possible causes of déjà vu

First of all, it must be understood that there is no single explanation for déjà vu, as scientists are still working with various theories on the most likely causes of déjà vu.

Thus, science tries to explain déjà vu in the following ways:

1. Divided perception

This theory shows that déjà vu is only a divided perception. I mean, imagine you’re walking into a store that just opened and suddenly sees a friend.

You’ve probably looked briefly at the store environment and its products, but by seeing your friend, your attention is totally focused on him.

Then, a few minutes later, your friend leaves and you stay in the store. At that moment, you focus all your attention on the store you entered and have the feeling of déjà vu.

What really happened was that your brain started to form a memory of what you saw briefly and when you were able to focus all your attention on it, you had the impression that you’ve been there before.

2. Failure in the electrical circuit of the brain

Another theory believes that an electrical failure in our brain can cause some confusion between the present and memories. That is, you are briefly confused and believe that what you are living now is actually a memory of something you have ever lived.

However, scientists explain that the brain absorbs information quickly to store short-term memories (i.e. from the now). But when there is a failure in the electrical circuit, a short-term memory can stop at the same place where the long-term memories are.

So you get the feeling that what your brain just recorded happened a long time ago.

3. Double processing

Another theory much like the previous one is that of double memory processing. When the brain processes an experiment to store it in short-term memory, the information goes to the brain through two routes.

Thus, when one of these routes is faster than the other, there is a delay in recording the information. As a result, when the information that came from the other route finally arrives, you get the impression that you had déjà vu.

4. Memory recovery

All our memories are stored in the temporal lobe of the brain. In fact, it is this part of the brain that is responsible for helping to recognize family situations.

So one of the theories is that déjà vu has to do with stored memories. That is, a situation can generate a kind of trigger that leads to déjà vu – precisely because it is something very similar to a past experience.

It may be something very similar to what you lived in childhood, for example, that causes déjà vu.

Should I worry about déjà vu?

Generally, déjà vu is just a passing sensation that can intrigue you, but that is no cause for concern.

But, it is important to note that some people suffering epileptic seizures may have the sensation of déjà vu moments before the seizures. In this case, it is worth a medical evaluation and the use of medications to control seizures.

Also, in older people, déjà vu can be a sign of dementia. Therefore, it is necessary that family members be aware of the frequency of episodes of déjà vu and also the presence of other symptoms that may indicate degeneration of neurons.

However, it is most likely that your déjà vu is just a weird feeling related to memory. That way, if the sensation appears only once in a while, there’s nothing to worry about.

However, if the feeling of familiarity in situations never before experienced is happening frequently, see your doctor and observe how your routine is going – as memory problems have a lot to do with stress, tiredness and sleep deprivation, for example.

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