Financial Challenges of Parents of Children with Special Needs

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Consider some of the following financial challenges as a link for us to scavenge sustenance to meet the living needs of children with special needs. Ganbatte!

One of the challenges of nurturing and raising a child with special needs, is the financial challenge. Yes, yes, yes, having children inclusion in fact requires a lot of extra cost. Starting from the cost of consulting psychologists who can not once, the cost of therapy, to pay shadow teachers in school. There are no additional activities that may be needed to support their growth and development as children of inclusion. This wallet is a joke,sis!

The following is a big picture of some of the conditions, facilities, and needs of children with special needs that require costs (quite high). The needs are certainly different, yes, because every child inclusion must be unique. Mommies can consider, and discuss with which couples are approximately needed, then adjust to financial conditions.

The cost of a child psychologist with special needs

In determining the diagnosis of growth and development disorders, to the therapy that needs to be done, of course, it takes the help of psychologists. Mommies may need to consult a psychologist regularly. Or even as long as it takes. For example, when you have done therapy for several sessions, children certainly need to be evaluated for development. So mommies also have to return to consult with their psychologists. Cost per session: Starts from 25 USD US Dollar


Cost of therapy

Each abk certainly has its own needs. The therapy needed is also different. There are those whose children only need integration sensory therapy, and occupational only. There is also something that needs to be supplemented with speech therapy. However, it does not rule out the possibility of multi-therapy. For children with autism, physiotherapy, visual therapy, social therapy, to ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is very likely to be done hand in hand. Cost per therapy session: Starts from  15 US Dollar 

Daycare special

Mommies and daddies work, then the thought of having a nanny at home is the last resort? Daycare could be the answer. This means mommies need daycare that accepts and has a special program for inclusion children every day. Thank God I can go to school in the same place. Cost per month: Starts from 20 US Dollar 

School fees (and possibly) shadow teacher

Well, this is one of the big challenges for parents of children with special needs. Choosing the right school takes extra effort. Of course, the programs, facilities, and services must be in accordance with the needs of ABK. However, the cost also follows the condition of the parents’ pockets, right? Which has been, anyway, between programs and services like not in sync with financial conditions, hahaha…
Cost per month: Starting from 70 US Dollar 
Shadow teacher fee: Starting from 30 US Dollar  per month.

Health and life insurance

It can be difficult to find health insurance for children with special needs. There are, but very rare, given these particular needs are usually viewed by insurance companies as innate. However, mommies and couples may consider having health and life insurance for yourself.

Remember, as a parent of children with special needs, that is expected not only a healthy account (read: bulky)but also the soul of the body. Why? The physical and mental condition of Mommies, and couples must be as healthy as possible in order to accompany the child with special needs. Right, isn’t it? Amit-amit we are affected by critical illness, funds for the ABK are not contacted to finance the treatment of his parents.

Life insurance may also be considered. It’s called age, right? Nobody knows. When later we are called the Almighty, we should have prepared funds as much as possible for the needs of the ABK. Don’t forget to appoint a guardian for abk, yes. Because usually for children with inclusion with developmental disorders such as Autism, their lives need to be more accompanied. Choose a trusted one and discuss it with the child’s guardian. Note: Insurance premiums can vary, adjusted to the financial condition of each family.

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How’s my comrades-in-arms? Have you wiped the sweat from earlier? Financial challenges for parents of children with special needs are indeed enough to make the heart and body of sports without the need to move physically. Hahaha. Come on, there’s no need to linger in the poigous. Get to work. Consider this a break for us to scavenge sustenance for the needs of children to be met. Ganbatte!

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