Find out how to lose weight without leaving eating bread

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Bread is a classic food in many country foods, so much so that many appreciate it. After all, is there anything hotter than eating warm bread with milk or coffee in the morning?

On the other hand, due to its calorie content and being a carbohydrate-rich food, bread is also seen as the villain of the diet, which can hinder weight loss. So does this mean that those who follow a diet to lose weight need to cut the bread of meals?

Not necessarily. Just know how to choose the best bread to lose weight. However, how do you know what that bread is? Let’s talk about some different types of bread to bring an answer!

White bread and bread wholegrain

The amount of calories from white bread and wholewheat bread are very similar. Do you know what makes wholemeal bread more advantageous for diet? It’s just that he has more fiber and usually has a little less carbohydrate.

Although the fiber content of wholewheat bread is not so high, its fibers make the absorption of carbohydrates slower. This prevents the peak of insulin, something that contributes to weight gain. In addition, fibers help give satiety.

However, although it is a better option for diet than white bread, we need to remember that wholemeal bread is not low in calories. Thus, it is still necessary to control the amount of wholewheat bread you eat.

Ensure that your wholemeal bread is really wholegrain

Some whole grain breads that we find for sale out there are not really wholesome, so they will not make any difference in the diet.

Therefore, to ensure that you are taking home a truly wholemeal bread it is essential to read the list of ingredients present in the product packaging.

It presents the ingredients in the following order: the ones that are present in greater quantity in the product appear first. So if a wholemeal flour appears right at the beginning of the list, the bread is actually wholegrain.

If the first item on the list is wheat flour, white flour or enriched flour and the wholemeal is there at the end, the bread is not so wholemeal. Even worse if sugar is one of the first ingredients on the list!

Low carb bread

low carb bread can be made based on almond, seed or coconut flour, for example. As the name already delivers, they have a reduced carbohydrate content. At the same time, they usually have a large amount of fats and calories.

Therefore, low carb bread is only a good option for bread to slim down for people who follow a low carb diet. On the other hand, starting to eat only low carb bread won’tmake much difference to a person who doesn’t do a low carb diet for the rest of the day.

That’s because the other meals will have normal carbohydrate content. For those who do not follow a carbohydrate-restricted diet, a better alternative are bread substitutes.

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