Here’s How to Look at Children with Growth Mindset, We Can Help Children Have It

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Growth mindset, what is it, how can parents help children have it?

The trick, with hard work, a good strategy and enter from outside. They tend to be more able to achieve success, than people with a fixed mindset, who tend to think that talent is absolute, purely innate. Tend to often think like this, “Yes, he’s from there (innately born) already smart!” Okay, right,  where’s the difference?

Growth mindset:Talent can be trained

Talent or talent may be true is a gift from God. But the choice to develop it becomes an advantage, back to the talented. Growth mindsetis what makes a child, even those who have no talent at all, become able. So, if the child is not born with a voice as beautiful as Raisa, he can still struggle in the music world, as long as he has a strong determination. Okay, not grandiose must be a singer or star, the closest, such as academic skills, or non-academic.

Parental duty: help the child learn what he likes

With a note, parents do this based on the child’s perspective, yes, not the will of the parent. We simply direct children to learn many things, later, let the child who chooses himself want to explore which of the various choices.

Growth mindset:Failure is not a reason to give up, but an opportunity to learn and fight even harder. It’s not that they can’t feel sad when they feel like a failure, but the way they see a failure, that’s what matters and becomes our homework as parents.

Parental duties: help children understand how to deal with failure

Again, preventing a child from failing is a big mistake. Improvement is one of the things a child can learn when he fails. Yes, maybe his efforts are still not enough, so he must try even harder to succeed.

Growth mindset:I’m not stupid, just need to learn

From,it is said that, growth mindset kids don’t see people as inherently “smart” or “dumb”. Well, this sentence is a reminder that it’s best, we don’t get used to saying this kind of words in front of children, “What am I, just dust grains, what am I, just fried crisps.” Yes, if for jokes with friends of the same age maybe we both understand. While educating children, our job is to make them think that there is no, tuh, the term, “Ah, he’s a pinter, ah, I can’t think that far, rich he (his friend)!”

Parental tasks: teaching about the extraordinary abilities of the brain

The interesting thing that we can teach children is that the human brain can change and they have control over brain development, concretely, yes, by learning. The brain is like a muscle, the more trained to work hard, with determination, of course, the more it develops. Intelligence is obtained when we diligently sharpen the brain. The trick is a lot, can be with brain games (brain games),read books or watch science movies that discuss the human brain.

Children still need to understand what a fixed mindset is.

Basically growth mindset and fixed mindset is a mindset or perspective, everyone has a mixture of these two views. When we teach children to have a growth mindset,then we also make sure children understand what a fixed mindset is. Ruangguru has an interesting exposure, those who have a fixed mindset always see the “results” of one’s success. For example, YouTubers who have 2 million followers, athletes who are experts in certain sports, those who get scholarships to study abroad. Meanwhile, yourself is far from achieving this. This mindset is not wrong, because all this time we are exposed to visible achievements. In fact, yes, if the YouTuber has 2 million followers, children do not have to have the same thing. After all, everyone has their own interests. What is important and needs to be understood is, the fixed mindset in yourself should not make children become people who do not want to try, even feel unable.

“The world isn’t full of natural geniuses, just people who work hard to learn and take their skill to the next level.”

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