How to Distinguish Fertile Sperm and Not, Husband Must Know

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for couples who want to have children, it is important to know how to distinguish fertile sperm and not. Check out the explanation here.

Sperm are cells produced by men and become an important element in the reproductive process. As in women, men also have problems regarding fertility. So, it is very important for married couples to know whether the husband has fertile sperm or not.

Reporting from Healthline, the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains that having healthy sperm is important. Sperm health is not only a matter of fertilization, but sperm quality also plays a role in the overall health of pregnancy and the possibility of the creation of a baby.

There are several ways that can be done to find and distinguish whether sperm at dawn or not. Here’s the explanation.

Fertile Sperm

1. Sperm count

The number or quantity of healthy sperm is about 15 million or more for every milliliter (mL) of semen that comes out during ejaculation. If you have done a test but the results show sperm less than that number, then you could say that the sperm is not healthy. Conversely, the more sperm you have, the more likely the success of the female reproductive system becomes an egg.

2. Movement of sperm

The next way to know whether your sperm is fertile or not is to look at movement or motility. To find out the movement of this sperm you have to check into the laboratory, because the movement can not be seen in plain sight without the help of tools.

Not all sperm move effectively, but this is normal. If the results show about 40% with good movement, then sperm fall into the fertile category. However, if the results show more than 60% with poor movement, there is a chance that sperm is infertile.

3. Sperm shape

Healthy sperm have a round or oval head shape and a long, strong tail. Sperm with these shapes and traits are more likely to reach the egg.

Unhealthy sperm usually have an un rounded or oval head shape and have a short tail. When ejaculating, every man can produce unhealthy sperm. However, there is no need to worry because this is a natural thing to happen as long as the number of unhealthy sperm is less than healthy sperm.

4. Semen viscosity

If the movement of sperm cannot be seen in plain sight, then the viscosity of semen can be seen in plain sight and felt. Thick semen is one of the characteristics and possibilities of sperm cells in fertile conditions. Conversely, watery or liquid, non-sticky semen can be a sign of infertile sperm cells.

5. Semen color

Sperm fertility can be seen from the color of semen. Even so, you still have to check with an andrology specialist so that the results given are more accurate. If the color of semen is white and thick, then sperm are included in fertile conditions. However, if the color of semen tends to be clear, then this condition can be said to be infertile.

Infertile sperm

After knowing how to see fertile sperm, you also need to know the condition of infertile sperm. The process of sperm formation is influenced by three factors, namely the testes, hypothalamus, and the putuitari glands in the brain. If one of the three factors is not in good condition, the resulting sperm will also not be fertile.

In some men, infertile sperm can be caused by some underlying problems such as congenital chromosomal abnormalities, hormonal imbalances, dilation of testicular blood vessels or conditions that block the course of sperm can cause signs and symptoms.

For couples who want to have a baby, it is important to know how to distinguish fertile sperm and not. In addition, it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the fertilization process quickly occurs.

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