Husband Cheats When Wife Is Pregnant, Why?

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Husband cheating when the wife is pregnant, how many times ask to be bed-typed yes. Why did this happen?

Ideally, a wife’s pregnancy brings happiness to a married couple. Especially if the baby’s presence is anticipated. The condition of a pregnant wife should require a lot of attention, especially from a partner. Note, there is an ideal and proper word that I used in the previous sentences.

The problem is, not all conditions can run ideally, right? Therefore, there is a husband cheating when the wife is pregnant. Why did this happen (other than the guy?) This is an explanation from N.Pramesri, Marriage and Family Psychologist from D. House


What’s the reason for cheating when your wife is pregnant?

There are three types of husbands that can be found when the wife is pregnant, namely:

  • Husband who is increasingly attracted to his pregnant wife
  • Husband who becomes low sex desire and low risk of cheating. Some studies say that men who have higher levels of prolactin than testosterone can experience symptoms like those experienced by pregnant women. Well, men with this condition will fall into the second category.
  • A husband who wants to cheat or think about cheating.

If asked why, there are various kinds, but the most often happens because the husband does not get satisfactory sex from his wife. Moreover, sometimes the condition of pregnancy does make the wife so decreased libido level. In fact, the condition of the content is not always because of the issue of sex anyway.

Another problem, because the husband feels rejected and/or feels ignored. For men, sex is not only for the fulfillment of physical needs, you know! But it’s also her way of building emotional connectedness with her partner. Well, once rejected, not a few husbands who then feel empty, unappreciated, un needed, etc.

Related to the left out,because often in pregnancy, focus only on the mother and the fetus. You don’t kayak out of the picture, or sidekick doang. This usually leads to fear and insecurity. Then open the door to infidelity.

Any signs, aren’t you?

In general, it is the same as infidelity that occurs in non-pregnancy. Changes in behavior, time outdoors becomes longer, more sensitive and urinary, changes in appearance, so difficult to contact to strange financial expenses.

How’s the prevention?

This point is the most important! Involve the husband in pregnancy to in preparation for the arrival of the child. Don’t shrink your husband by, for example, saying “Ah know what the hell you are!”. Yes, learn together if you don’t know.

The husband also has concerns and doubts about becoming a father and taking onthe next responsibility, so affirm and make sure that he will be a good father.

Maintaining sex, unless the same doctor is prohibited because it can harm the fetus, yes! Know sexuality, if it is experiencing lowered libido,what can be done or we need from the husband to be able to have sex comfortably and satisfactorily.

Overcome any feeling of bodily dissatisfaction.You are changing and it’s beautiful. There are studies that show that men feel increasingly physically attracted to their wives when they are pregnant.

Infidelity is already painful yes, especially occurs in the time we are pregnant, a kind of double-double pain. Can it improve?

It could be, but like any other affairs, it takes commitment and efforts both parties to process the heartache and hurt caused by the affair, then rebuild the basics of a strong and quality relationship.

If you decide to stay, what to do?

After the affair that occurred, the perpetrator apologized and showed genuine regret, and the effort to fix this takes time and repetition yes, it can not be just once or twice so everything is done.

The cheating party wants to process the pain of his heart, do not even avoid. If it takes anger yes angry, if it needs to be sad yes sad, need to be disappointed yes disappointed, do not act okay. It’s painful. If these negative emotions are to be processed, it will be able to subside in time.

This topic was written at your requests, although it was not at the level and interfered in feelings so that I do not enter into a bias towards any party; the important thing is to share your opinions with me; it is my evidence, and it’s very important to me and thank you for the support, and I am sorry for not responding to the very stimulating comments.

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