It’s not time yet, but it’s pubescent. What Causes Early Puberty?

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Not yet 8 years old but, really, her breasts are starting to grow? Not yet 9 years old but, really, the boy’s voice has changed? Find out the causes of early puberty here.


So remember back when he was in the 2nd grade of elementary school, a female friend hid in the old toilet when he didn’t want to go out. It turns out he’s having the moon coming for the first time and feeling scared. It wasn’t only after being persuaded by a teacher that he came out of hiding. The question is, only 2nd grade elementary school has menstruated? That’s still 7 years old, dong? This is called early puberty. What causes early puberty?

What is early puberty?

A child can be said to be early puberty when his body begins to change into an adult body too quickly. Typically, puberty begins on average in girls between the ages of 8 and 13, while boys between the ages of 9 and 14. So if a girl experiences breast growth, or menstruating before age 8, it could be that she is going through puberty early.

Two types of early puberty and causes of early puberty

According to Hansa Bhargava, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Medscape Education Manhattan, New York, early puberty has 2 types, namely Central precocious puberty caused by the release of the hormone gonadotropin and Peripheral Precocious Puberty that is not caused by  hormone (GnRH)

In general, Central Precocious Puberty is the most common. The pituitary gland begins to make a hormone called gonadotropins. These hormones that stimulate the testes or ovaries to produce other hormones, namely testosterone or estrogen. Sex hormones are what then cause changes in the child’s body, such as breast development in girls. In normal children, this gonadotropin hormone only works at the age it should, but in children who are going through early puberty, it starts faster.

The cause of early puberty Central Precocious is more often unknown cause. However, some of the following conditions can cause early puberty:

  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Congenital andrenal hyperplasia.
  • Tumors or injuries to the brain and spinal cord.
  • Brain defects at birth, such as hydrocephalus.

Meanwhile Peripheral Precocious Puberty, an early pubertas not caused by the hormone gonadotropin is slightly different. Although the hormones estrogen and testosterone trigger symptoms of early puberty, the brain and pituitary gland are not involved. The cause is usually local problems with the ovaries, testes, adrenal glands, or thyroid glands that are very underactive.

However, sometimes early puberty can occur due to medical problems. The causes include tumors (which are often benign), brain injuries caused by surgery or blows to the head, or brain inflammation caused by infection.

Where to check it? To what doctor?

If mommies want to find out more or want to check the condition of the child whether experiencing early puberty or not, parents can see an endocrine pediatrician, yes. In addition to early puberty problems, micro indications of the penis, stunted physical growth, can also be consulted to this specialist.

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