Prepare These 4 Things Before going to the Child’s Eye Doctor

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Like not like, pandemic conditions make children stare at the screen more. Is it time to go to the eye doctor? What to prepare before going to the child’s eye doctor?

The child’s deteriorating eye condition occurs worldwide as a consequence of Covid-19. Yesterday, my child’s ophthalmologist stated unequivocally “minus eyes can be corrected as adults, so don’t even play out for the sake of not being exposed to screens but then increase the risk of getting Covid-19”. Yes anyway but tetep baper also because minus my son’s eyes increase.
Annoyed because from the age of 1-5 years screen time is very guarded, weekends do not meet the screen at all, eh now the school alone has almost half a day in front of the screen. Entertainment even playdate only through video calls, screens again. But what else could it be.

Here are some things should prepare before going to the pediatrician.

Make sure to go to a pediatric eye specialist.

For kindergarten age children or can already call letters, parents can check it by asking children to mention letters at a distance of some distance. If it turns out that it is not legible even though we can, then it has become an early indicator of the need to see an eye doctor.

Remember to go to the pediatrician ! Many hospitals have the services of a pediatric ophthalmologist. Don’t just go to optics because tests for children are different from adults. Yes dong, we adults can understand about sharpness, if the child can not. The child’s eye doctor also has special tools to examine the child’s anatomy so it is not just judging from the child’s opinion. Thus, the baby can also be checked minus his eyes!

Appoint a companion

Eye doctors are at high risk of contracting Covid-19 due to contact with the eyes. Thus, the rules of the eye hospital are saklek and can only be accompanied by one companion only. Determine the accompanying father or mother and then make a list of questions together.

Yesterday, my son was with his father because if I was the one who came it was done. Spoiled if there is a mother, more drama as well, if crying can be longer. If the same father can be more independent because of fellow guys, prestige times yes hahahaha.

Sounding in Children

Sounding is important especially if the child first checks the eyes. If indeed his eyes are minus, mommies will be advised to undergo a Bruckner test where the child’s eyes are dripped with some kind of drug to make his pupils open and then scanned to determine the minus of his eyes more accurately. Unfortunately, his eye drops hurt and hurt once ahahaha. So sounding is important so that children do not break down in the middle of the examination. Yesterday my son was crying for a moment just tested again his next eye :)))

Prepare the child’s physique

In addition to the mental condition of parents, which must be prepared also the physical condition of the child. My son only ate bread at home and then he complained about lapaaaarrr because the queues and tests were long enough, the process was almost 3.5 hours. So make sure the child has eaten, slept enough, and brought toys or anything that can make him wait.

Come on, moms check the child to the child’s eye doctor. Even if it is minus and must wear glasses, the sooner it is found out will be better so that children can have good vision quality with glasses.

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