Tips to Maintain Harmony During Parenting Of Children with Special Needs

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Having a special needs child is an extra. Extra attention, energy, heart to financial. Stress must be there. In order to maintain harmony, we often do some of the following things.

When our family psychologist stated that our second child had sensory processing disorder, the heart didn’t feel like it. Shocked, sad, anxious (this is the biggest one, anyway).

Having an ABK is extra. Extra attention, extra energy, extra heart, and extra financial of course. The extras often make extra thinking and the ends are stressed. Therefore, it takes the cooperation of both parents, the Mother and the Father, so that raising the child with special needs runs optimally.

Stress must be there. Debate? Often. Different opinions? What else. So that harmony is maintained even though sometimes tightness in the chest 😀 We often do some of the following things.


We both agreed to always be grateful no matter what. Sometimes if one has started to struggle, the other one must remind that the progress made by our Little One has been very far from the time we were first diagnosed with SPD.

Just talk positive.

If you are tired, and saturated it is often innate to talk and think of negative things only. But as much as possible look for positive things. Actually a lot, you know, if we both have optimally worked together. Only, yes, it was, like to close the same feeling of upset, tired, and sad.

Compliment each other and say thank you

No matter how small we do, giving praise is never wrong, you know. It makes each one feel appreciated. Like for example, if I am tired and can not take the child to the place of therapy, the husband has to wait, usually I whatsapp and say, “Thank you, yes, Dad. Give me a chance to rest.” That’s it, anyway.

Love motivation for healthy living

When we got married, we weren’t very young. So now the children are still small, feel really decrepit hahaha… The most powerful thing is to remind that we are old, and must maintain regular health and exercise so that it remains optimal to accompany and nurture children.

Honestly if again saturated or tired

Don’t keep it alone. Because it’s like keeping fire in your heart, long after all, burning yourself. If I am tired, tired, or just bored I feel the need to convey it to my husband. For example, yes, “I think if you have to pick up adek at 4 o’clock can not, deh. Can’t you, you change?” I just told him he was at 1 o’clock and he was out of the house. Usually, anyway, he would immediately rush into the change. Just don’t be one-sided if it’s such a business. If it’s the couple’s turn to be tired, and bored, we should do the same. Change and understanding, lah.

Mutual understanding for time off

Really, man, this is really important. There’s a time, right, someone’s endurance is dropping. If it’s like this, each of us is trying to understand, anyway. Letting the couple rest, or for example even though it’s not my turn to drop off swimming lessons, I’m initiative to change turns, it has made the couple feel understood, really.

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