What to Look For When Choosing an Elementary School

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There are things that need to be considered when choosing a child’s school, including Elementary School (SD). Mommies should consider the following factors for each school candidate.

Choosing an elementary school (SD), for me is that difficult because the child will spend 6 years of education at a cost that is not cheap. Yes, the cost of private elementary schools is mostly more expensive than private junior and senior high schools.

Elementary school is also a basic education that will determine whether children will consider learning as something fun or boring?

Here are some things to consider when choosing an elementary school for your child:

1. Distance from home

Not a few of my friends moved house because the distance from the elementary school they were comfortable with was a bit far. Distance is certainly a major consideration because children can get tired on the road so they don’t go to school.

2. Curriculum

Not all children can use the same learning method.  for example, will definitely be stressed if they go to a school that requires sitting in class for a long time. Also ask how many teachers are teaching and the number of students in one class.

3. Subjects

What will children learn up to grade 6? What are the rules for advancing to class? What is considered for a child’s grade promotion?

4. Building and security

How is the condition of the building? Pay attention to the number of toilets and their conditions, are they suitable for children to spend all day? If Muslim, is the school prayer room comfortable enough and does it have a special ablution place? Or do you have to do ablution in the toilet?

Also pay attention to the distance from the gate to the highway, what is the maximum limit for children to roam? How is the pick-up process?

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5. Learning environment

What is the learning environment like? Does it allow students to cooperate in groups? Or even tend to be individual? Does the teacher only teach in front of the class or sometimes approach the students? Do teachers use additional visuals to teach? Ask yourself which one fits your child’s learning style.

6. Are there extras?

Does the child have certain interests and talents? If so, it is necessary to find a school that provides extracurricular after school hours. Ask if there are extracurricular programs that match the child’s preferences. Also ask for extracurricular times to adjust to your little one’s daily schedule.

7. Parents’ surveys and testimonials

Direct surveys to several schools must of course be yes so that mommies can immediately decide whether or not it is appropriate for children to go to school there. Another thing that is no less important is the testimony of parents whose children are studying there. Ask questions such as parental interactions, cooperation with the school if there is a problem, etc.

8. School excellence

Each school has its own vision and mission. Mommies should know what advantages you want to highlight from each school. Then see if it aligns with your mommies and family values.

9. Tuition fees

Don’t just ask for the base fee, ask for the SPP payment method, is it monthly or 3 months? Is there an annual fee that needs to be paid? How much does extracurricular, catering, and pick-up cost if necessary?

10. How many days can you skip?

Haven’t come in yet, how come you’ve asked truant, ahahaha. But you should still ask because we have to know the maximum quota for skipping children in case something sudden happens or the vacation is too long. There are schools that cut test scores for truant children. I don’t think it’s fair, as long as a child can do an exam, why should his grade be deducted just because he was absent?

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