Working Mom Burnout, Signs and How to Overcome It

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Taking care of work as well as family, it sometimes makes Mommies very tired. Especially if the office is busy and the child is in development. In this condition, a mother is also vulnerable to experiencing working mom burnout.

According to data from the Department of Lwsm, about 52 million workers aged 25-54 are elderly. And a report from the Pec Research Center reveals that parents work with children under the age of 18, having difficulty balancing work and obligations to families. Furthermore, 14% felt very distressed and 42% said it was very complicated.

No less important, research reported from CNBC states that working mothers tend to experience burnout 28% more severe than fathers. This is because many recognize that the mother is the primary caregiver at home.

Signs of working mom burnout

Burnout itself is not just a term, it really is a health disorder that if left unchecked can harm yourself. In 2019, who even added burnout to the International Classification of Diseases. They describe burnout as “stress from work that has not been successfully completed”.

Here are the signs of working mom burnout:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Loss of motivation
  • Productivity decreases
  • Have a negative view of yourself
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Experiencing physical symptoms such as abdominal pain, headache, or hair loss

How to deal with working mom burnout

If you experience working mom burnout, there are steps you can take to overcome it. Here are some of them:

Be honest and confide in trusted people.

When experiencing burnout, mommies don’t blame yourself too much. Having multiple roles is sometimes exhausting and that’s okay. Accept the fatigue and disappointment, then express what Mommies feel to the closest and most trusted people. Feeling heard can make mommies better.

Create a routine

Family and work become a part of Mommies’ lives that one of them may not be able to escape. Even so, we can manage the time and routine so that the two are not mixed so that we can get work life balance. Create a consistent routine for work time and family.

For example, while working, you should focus on the tasks of the office. Set a schedule to complete each of these tasks. In addition, provide any equipment that is approximately needed to complete the work today. Laptops are certainly one of the important devices that Mommies need.

For working mothers, ASUS ZenBook Flip S OLED UX371 can be the right choice to support work. This laptop is designed for productive people. The performance is fast so that it makes it easier for Mommies to access Microsoft Office, e-mail, make presentations, do research on the internet, to send files with a large capacity.

In addition, the ASUS ZenBook Flip S OLED UX371 already uses an ASUS OLED screen, which can reduce blue light emissions that harm the eyes by up to 70%, and is equipped with anti-flicker and has been certified TUV Rehinland, so it will be safer and more comfortable for the eyes.

Although using this laptop for almost all day, Mommies do not have to worry about the eyes will be tired. Mommies eyes can also avoid irritation, tension, or aches.

The ASUS ZenBook Flip S OLED UX371 also has a compact design, weighing only 1.2 kilograms and a thickness of 13.9 millimeters. Suitable for Mommies who sometimes have to intersdor work from office and work from home so there is no need to bother or object when commuting to bring this laptop. Or, when you are WFH and want to move around at home because they avoid distractions, Mommies do not bother to carry it.

Not only that, the design that can be rotated 360° also makes it easier for Mommies who want to make it as a laptop or tablet. Very flexible, Mommies!

Then for Mommies whose days are covered with online meetings, the ASUS ZenBook Flip S OLED UX371 also helps facilitate with its noise-canceling AI technology. This feature filters out the noise around so that only the speaker’s voice is heard. Meetings can run more smoothly and without distraction.

Mommies can also work long using this laptop without having to go back and forth. This laptop battery can last up to 10 hours. And even if it runs out, Mommies can recharge faster thanks to the ASUS USB-C Easy Charge—it only takes 49 minutes to charge 60% of the power capacity. That way, Mommies can always be active and work faster than ever before. The time to get together with family becomes more if Mommies can get the job done without a hitch.

Schedule time to me-time

Make time to please yourself after getting tired of work. Find activities or hobbies that are easy to do to avoid stress and burnout. For example by watching a favorite movie or favorite Korean drama on a streaming service.

Well, while watching this, Mommies can also take advantage of the ASUS ZenBook Flip S OLED UX371 laptop. Besides being able to be used for work, this laptop also has features that support hobbies and become a means to relax for a moment.

The display is equipped with NanoEdge Display 4K OLED HDR which of course produces clearer, sharper, detailed, and realistic visuals. The color of the image is also very dynamic and bright because it has received validation from PANTONE. Making us really absorbed into the visuals displayed, watching a movie or series is also more exciting! The audio also uses Harman Kardon so that it is just as clear and matches the visuals of this laptop.

Oh yes, ASUS ZenBook Flip S OLED UX371 is also suitable for Mommies who have a hobby of drawing or just want to play with children and increase their creativity. Having a touchscreen and equipped with an ASUS Pen, this laptop allows Mommies to draw, write, design and edit photos, more easily. Suitable for journaling and issuing unek-unek when being burnout nih, Mommies!

No less important, this laptop uses Intel® Evo™ platform with Intel® Core™ i7 11th Generation processor and Intel graphics® Iris® Xe, which makes its performance run without a hitch. Want to work or me-time,Mommies can do it with just one laptop.

Asking for help

Another way that can be done to overcome burnout is to ask for help. Remember that it’s natural for Mommies to ask for help when you need it. For example, by hiring someone to help clean and take care of the Little One. Or you can also share tasks with your partner.

Similarly, for work affairs, if the task given is too much, try talking to the boss or co-workers. Ask for their advice on what can be done to make teamwork more effective. Keep in mind that asking for help doesn’t always mean we’re weak, it shows strength and a sign that Mommies have good self-awareness.

That’s some way to deal with working mom burnout. I hope it helps, Mommies!

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